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Search easy, travel happy

We created with one mantra: search easy, travel happy!

Imagine easily finding great travel experiences shared by talented travel bloggers on your next dream destination.

When you looked for information to prepare your next exciting journey, you dreamt about finding new experiences, immersing yourself with local culture, and easily find the best places to stay, eat, visit… But your dreams were quickly dashed by your Google search results featuring tons of travel operators, comparators, and hotels websites.

It is so hard to find great travel blog articles. They are drowned out in the mass of articles that are only there to bring some traffic to their author’s website. Some hidden gems are here on the web! But nobody reads them, because their authors do not have the experience or time to communicate about them. These travel stories deserve the chance to be read and travellers deserve the chance to discover them!

As travellers and travel bloggers, we experienced both sides of this “travel blogs mass effect”. For 10 years, we have been travelling as a couple/team. In 2016, we started a big adventure: travelling from Singapore to France overland. The challenge: travelling 30 000 km without taking any airplane. During this trip, we realized we could not afford spending hours to search the most relevant travel blogs for tips and inspirations. We also wrote a travel blog and got high engagement from our followers who loved our articles. Yet, we struggled to get more followers, as we did not want to spend too much of our travel time communicating on social networks. Travelling is enjoying the moment, right?

That’s why we created a search engine by destination and travel interests, backed with travellers’ ratings. Thanks to it, travellers now easily find great travel stories that are relevant to each of them according to what they like.

Our aim is also to inspire new destinations to travellers. And we do this thanks to a map of all the travel blog articles. Need some off-the-track adventures? Explore this map to find less popular destinations!

We are always looking for the best travel blog articles to share to travellers. So if you recently read one with passion or wrote one with love, please share it with all the travellers!

Thanks, and travel happy!
Marine and Alex